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Transmission Oil, Kartboy STS, Cabin Filter
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Topping off Transmission Fluid

My transmission oil was a little low, which is probably due to the bad axle seal that I replaced earlier. Subaru decided to be nice to their owners and added dip sticks for manual transmissions too! Locating it can be difficult at first though.

Hidden to the right of the turbo

Pull it out and you will be given easy to read lines, why couldn't the oil dip stick be this easy to read Subaru?

SMURF BLOOD! The previous owner had the car serviced at Andrewtech, which came up with this awesome concussion. 3 quarts of Redline Lightweight Shockproof and 1 quart of Motule 300 to make it more liquid for easier winter shifting. I ordered 1QT from Amazon, thank to prime it was here in no time. Sadly Redline Oils are running $17 per qt nowdays, I remember when it was $7 .

Getting the oil in requires a long funnel, I got this guy a long time ago, but never really used it since it's easier to use an oil hand pump on SR20's. Finally it's coming to use, this is the only way to really get the oil in.

I added about 1/4 of one quart and it's showing more then full, just something for you to consider when refilling.

Kart Boy Short Shifter
Here is one benefit to buying a used car, you are sometimes surprised with little mods like this. I've been very pleased with this car's shifter (short throw and precise), and I thought that was a Legacy GT feature over the Forester's shifter (very long and sloppy).

Thank you previous owner X, you saved me $100 that I would have never spent on a shifter, but now I'm highly contemplating on it for the Forester...

Cabin Airfilter Addition
You read that correctly, it would be called replacement if there was a stock filter there to begin with. Apparently in 2005 Subaru didn't think cars could benefit from cabin filters, they added the ability to add one, just didn't add one themselves.

Well since this car wasn't designed with the end user replaceable cabin filter, they didn't make it easy... Yes you have to pull the center console off, I was lazy and got half of it off.

Almost there

This was anticlimactic for me... I really thought by 2005 ALL cars would have cabin filters

Got a FRAM carbon cabin filter (I can only trust FRAM for small things like cabin filters)

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