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Originally Posted by DrD123 View Post
The TDI comes with the connectivity package, so I guess I should have looked at the SE with the connectivity package, which is only $2800 cheaper than the TDI - sorry (to most folks shopping for a car around $20k, $2800 isn't negligible...) both the cars come with 16" alloy wheels, and the only other difference is the TDI engine.

Fuel economy is very, very driver dependent - it's great that you get 8% better mileage than the claimed, but to be fair you'd need to compare similar driving on the gas engine - comparing manufacturer claimed mileage is a much more valid approach since the same procedures are used to acquire the data for both cars. On average, I typically get 10% or so above the rated mileage for my LGT, but that doesn't mean the values Subaru claims are incorrect. Using the published data for both cars, and the going rate for diesel vs. gas, the gas engine is cheaper to drive.

Resale is a tough one without knowing how vehicles are optioned up - and if you keep the car for a while, $3k now is worth more than $3k say 5 to 8 years from now (inflation).
Yeah, you are right Dr.-$3K in your pocket can grow, where you may never recoup the $3K in resale. The higher resale is all pie in the sky stuff. Get in an accident or have major mechanical issues and the car will lose resale.

VW puts in a couple amenities to make TDI owners feel good about paying more. That hides the true cost of the diesel engine. I seriously looked at the Jetta, but the interior as cheap as the legacy's. VW used to have nice interior in the older gen Jettas. It's like they cheapened them up when they bumped them up in size. Been a couple years, maybe they improved.