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Originally Posted by Giovonage View Post
That's funny cause I've actually had this code read out before and just googled it.
The first link was to a legacygt thread saying to change the front O2 sensor. Bought one online and changed it out in 5 minutes and boom, no more code

Unfortunately this time it wasn't so easy...
Yeah...I wasn't exactly thrilled with the tuner/shop on this one, but there were certainly things that made it difficult to figure out.

First, I had just installed a new AVCS valve (I had replaced the drive side one last year, and just decided to put a new one in, no other reason.) Second, since my original tune, I had installed an SPT intake. And third, on the way to the shop for my appointment, the light goes back out. They data logged, looked around and they found a disconnected hose, just assumed that must be it, reconnected it and handed the car back to me. Light went back on a few days later, car went back to the shop. They were about to run it through some testing on the dyno when the O2 sensor failed completely, and it's my understanding it threw a code denoting this.

When they handed the car back the first time, they barely charged anything, which was cool. But when I got it the second time, it appeared they charged for the time spent the first time, so between time and a sensor, it wasn't cheap. And I was without my car for the better part of 2+ weeks.

The whole thing irked me mainly because I had researched this and handed them a "top 10" list of typical causes, with O2 sensor right there near the top, and it seems like they ignored it - as many shops/techs do - not liking "smart asses" who hand them info they got on the internet. Least that's my take on it, at times.