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#29: 02-06-2006, 07:28 AM
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I did the mod, used 1N4005 diodes, soldered to the switch terminals not the metal strip... and switches still work great. My 06 2.5i wagon no sunroof did not have brown routed via map lights so I had to fish from the dome.

Now, my question.. With the mod, when a door is open all interior lights are at their brightest and when the door shuts all lights immediately dim to about 50% and stay like that for 30 seconds until the dimmer brings them to zero. Opening the door or using the dome or map switch during the waiting time immediately brings the light/s back to 100%.

Berfore I did the mod, I did not pay attention if the center dome did this 50% dim when door shuts. Can somebody check a stock 06 and tell me if that is normal? Wondering if the extra load of the mod of having all lights wired to the same circuit is causing the dim.