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Weeks later......

I haven't been driving the car much because my daughter's Saturn had Passlock issues (Curse you GM engineers!) and I "had" to leave the OB for her as a back up. She finally mentioned a loss of power when first driving the car.

Now the car suffers from a 15-30 second episode of power loss almost every time the car is driven. And when the episode is over it's not repeated until the next time the car is driven.

I did finally test the fuel pressure. Pressure is a solid 38 psi with the pressure regulator vacuum hose disconnected. With the pressure regulator vacuum hose connected fuel pressure tracks the manifold pressure, with a pressure of 25-28 psi idling. Pressure takes minutes to bleed down.

I may extend the hose to the fuel pressure gauge so that I can tape the gauge to the driver's side outside mirror and observe pressure during one of these loss of power episodes.

So... While I plan to test further the fuel pressure, I no longer strongly believe that it's a weak or dying fuel pump.

Sometime I wish the car would just throw a code so I could more easily diagnose this problem. It doesn't help that, until September, I can only drive or check out things on the car except for weekends.