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Originally Posted by mnstrmech View Post
dont tell me how an ac system runs, im ASE certified master tech. Yes, SOME systems do cycle, but SOME. NOT ALL. My system does not cycle, it runs constantly and COLD, 40 degree center temp vent.

but whatever,,, 98% of the people on message boards are idiots anyways.... its a waste to even try to help poeple anymore.
First don't get mad at me for my following comments.
When you say "cycling" you mean when the compressor kicks on and off correct? Almost every clutch type AC compressor will normally cycle and they're supposed to for a bunch of reasons. One being to help with fuel economy, second is when the interior temp sensor reads the set temperature then will cycle off. Another reason is when a certain throttle percentage is reached it will cycle off to help in robbing engine power, for instance accelerating on a freeway on ramp and they're a few more. The types of compressors that never "cycle" are a clutch-less variable displacement compressor. These weren't really introduced into the USDM until the mid-late 2000's and earlier in the European market.
Both my old 96 L and now my 99 LGT both cycle and just from thought every second gen legacy I've ever worked on in 15+ yrs did the same. Your saying your compressor, when the AC is on, never cycles? Not saying your system is broken but our compressors should cycle and its normal, WHEN the cycle period isn't really short like every few seconds. Did you wire it to stay engaged all of the time to get a colder AC output?

Side note, my fans don't stay on all of the time and this is also very normal.