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Originally Posted by Sludgeroo View Post
Here's how I see it, you asked a question and everyone that has responded to you has tried to help, but haven't found the answer yet.

Maybe you already know the answer since you just answered it.

If I went through ASE certs I would be offended as its a lot of work.

Just went out to my car and switched the a/c on. No fans came on. It has always been this way.
Without the fans running, the condenser can't really, well, condense the refrigerant since it would be too hot to do so. There may be something wrong with your system.

ASE test (in general) really aren't that hard. Just being around and working on cars would be enough to pass most test. I do appreciate any help anyone can give me, but not attitude. He never offered that he was ASE Certified in a/c systems (there are several ASE test, being ASE Certified doesn't mean you took them all) and simply stating that our system isn't supposed to cycle since it doesn't use an orifice tube would have worked much better then popping off like that.
He also said the only reason it is cycling is because the system is low. If someone with ASE certification in a/c systems doesn't know that the same issue can be caused by a bad orifice tube/expansion valve, then they have no reason to get upset when someone rejects their answer. Even a clogged system would act strange, still blow cold, but both sides (high/low) would be warm to the touch. I've seen that before, it was strange.

It seems you and a couple others think I'm using can gauges. As I mentioned, I have my own 30# canister and a set of manifold gauges. If I was using a can gauge, I wouldn't be able to tell what the high side pressure is.

There is no sight glass on my car.

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