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Originally Posted by frank_ster View Post
i'm looking into what are options for a stronger rear diff, i found a few bmw diffs on ebay for under 500$ with the 3.23 gears.
that or maybe a 80's vette rear end ?

the r180 as far as i know is only available with the 4.11 gears right?

reason being my spider gears are chipped sine about 4 years i was looking into locking the rear diff just not sure about how bad the car will behave then.
i would think a 160 with locked diff would be able to handle pretty much anything on street tires.
Occasionally you see a mechanical or even a clutch-type rear R160 on NASIOC classifieds for a reasonable price, which almost always are far stronger than stock. You could chance it with a generic chinese ebay r160 mechanical diff, as you woud take it apart and clean it up and make sure it's shimmed right, then cross your fingers it does not have major casting imperfections.
The German OEM 3.27 option looks interesting, but would it be a pain for you to convert the axle flanges?

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