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About 750 miles on my FX350.
First gear shudders when it's warmed up but feels identical to stock when cool (5-speed).
I really have to rev it and ride it or blip the throttle and engage the clutch smooth but quick when it's warmed up.
I really dislike the shudder/shake when it's warmed up which is making me dislike driving my car in traffic.
The FX350 is getting better over time I guess but wasn't expecting to adjust my driving as much as I have.
Pedal feel is lighter than stock. Grabs right off the floorboard. Grabs VERY well in all gears. Shudders if I don't do 1st gear just right. Reverse I don't even let the clutch out all the way. It's worse than 1st gear.
VF52 turbo on E85...about 400wtq.
GroupN Trans mount
Soon to put some GroupN motor mounts in to keep the engine locked down a little better.