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Originally Posted by Kennyfvholla View Post
Sorry, I guess I should have been more specific. When jumped, both fans are only on 100% of the time that the A/C is switched on.

85 amps at 1,000 RPM is not too terrible actually (Factory alternators on my 98 LGT and my 99 OBL were rated at 85. And all ratings are at 1k RPM). My 86 Z28 had a 45 amp alternator and my 04 Accord V6-6 only has a 100 amp alternator and has a quite a few more electrics.. The problem with the Subaru is all of the grounds on anything electrical. They were bolted to painted surfaces. This is why people frequently do the "grounding mod" or clean up the factory grounds. The grounding mod involves using larger gauge wire. So, some systems will actually be able to pull more power and run as efficiently as possible.
You also said the compressor would be on 100% of the time if the relay was left in. I plan to go through the diagram to see what I can do about using that a/c button to ground the fan relay.

I have upgraded the wires, from the alternator to the battery is an additional 4 ga wire, from the battery to the starter is an additional 8 ga wire, from the battery to the body is an additional 8 ga wire, and from the battery to the engine then engine to body ground is an additional 4 ga wire. All contact points that needed it were cleaned with a Dremel disc.

Originally Posted by snederhiser View Post
You could be a little low on refrigerant, just serviced a car with the same problem. Hook up the gauges and add half a can, more if needed. Steven.
While I appreciate the suggestions, if the refrigerant was low, the overall temp of the a/c would be low. The temp is fine as long as the fans are running.

I topped off the system when the weather first started turning warm. I have my own 30# tank of R-134 and a manifold gauge set. It only took little more than an ounce.