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Thanks for the info-Much appreciated.

I did the air pressure 33 in the rear and 32 up front. Windshield washer fluid topped up.

I also had personally detailed the car and sealed all the Glass with Gtech G1&2 so the glass sould still be good for a while. My sons first road trip at 18 y/o. I would be lying if I said I was not a little nervous. He is a good, safe driver but it is as always everyone else on the road.

He is headed to see the Dave Mathew's concert tonight at the site where Woodstock was. About 150 mile each way. Sleeping over so he is not exhausted driving home.

Thanks again for the info it was helpful.

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Your coolant level sounds fine. It would usually read at a higher level when the engine has been running and would read at a lower level when the engine is cold.

I would only add Subaru coolant and/or distilled water while it's new.

On my 3.6 dipstick if the oil level is between the two holes your OK. The upper hole is the FULL level and the lower hole is the ADD level.
I believe the other engine has a different dipstick and markings.

The owners manual would answer all these questions but it can also make you trying to find them.

Fill the windshield washer fluid, treat rear and side windows with Rain-X, check tire pressures fill the cooler and enjoy!
I hope your Son has a safe trip.