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Quarter-million mile spec.B
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Yesterday I broke a quarter million miles on my '06 spec.B. It's still running like a champ.

This is from earlier this week, hitting a few roads less traveled.

It's Stage-2, Cobb swaybars and springs around the OEM struts. A few other goodies added or fabricated along the way.

Damage along the way:
Driver side completely repainted and replaced rear door after a neighbor backed into it a couple years ago.
Passenger side completely repainted and replaced front door after a semi drifted into me and gave me a car-length long scrape.
Fifth gear broke in half about 10 months after a freak incident where I jumped if off a road onto an unfinished road 12" lower. I had the transmission looked at and replaced all the seals as well as the shaft with second gear. Otherwise, it looked good. (There's a long story involved there)
I had the turbo replaced under the 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty around 95,000. It wasn't leaking oil badly, but I pushed to get it replaced and make my warranty worth it.
Replaced front 02 sensor around 175,000 miles.
Three wheel bearings have been replaced.
Original radiator started seeping at the top around 235,000
Put in new valve cover gaskets around 240,000.
Went through two sets of OEM endlinks. I put Rallitek ones on earlier this month. So far, about 2,000 miles trouble-free with them. I'm excited to see if I can wear them out with their 5-year warranty.
I vigorously maintain the car.
Hawk HP+ pads - lasted 120,000 miles
ACT HDSS clutch and lightened flywheel - lasted 145,000 miles
Tires, swap out ever year if I'm lucky.
5W-30 dino oil, changed every 7,500 miles

Original head gaskets. Engine has never been apart. My valvetrain saw light for the first time since the factory when I replaced the gaskets recently. Valvetrain patina looked better than some engines I've seen with half the miles.

There are a few parts that are approaching their end-of-life cycle. The last original wheel bearing is showing signs of wear but not quite to be replaced yet. I've replaced the seal on the power steering pump but it seems to be close to shot. My AC compressor clutch is also sounding like it may be nearing the end of life as well. My underside tray looks like it's been to hell and back. I'm going to make a new one this summer. Tie-rods and ball joints are solid.

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