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I don't know if it is over hyped. It does do what it says. I certainly liked the pedal feel. However, that's sort of a ludicrously short lifespan in my opinion.

I just assume most clutches get to at least near triple digit-K miles unless there's a defect or it's driven like an F1 car. This may be an unfair comparison, but I've never had to change a clutch on: 1) 70K in 2002 Audi S4 K04 conversion; 2) 112K in 2000 Maxima; 3) 60K in my 2003 Maxima; 4) 40,000k in 1991 VW Corrado supercharger modified; 5) Various gas and diesel 4x4 trucks.

Like I said, this is just for me. For my purposes, anything under 50K in relatively normal-aggressive driving is a unacceptably short lifespan. However, that is my thing. Although rare, I have put over 12,000 miles on my car in a single month before. Changing my clutch several times a year would be unacceptable. If I wanted replace components every few months and have my car live in the shop, I would go back to driving VW's and Audis.