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How to change the Heater Control lights on a '95-'99 Legacy
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Well here it is, this is how you change those worn out lights on the older Legacys. Its relatively easy and painless and wont cost you much, like it would if you had a dealer do it. At the present moment I dont have the part numbers for the bulbs, but any Subaru Parts Dept should be able to tell you/ get you them. These bulbs are Subaru Specific, you wont be able to find them at an autoparts store. There are three bulbs that I know of that are part of the control unit and one in the Hazard switch.With that said, lets begin shall we?

What you'll need:
  • Philips head screwdriver (magnetized prefreably)
  • Bulbs from Subaru Dealer
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • A few 5/16" and 3/16" E-Type Retaining rings beacuse like me, you'll probably drop them and loose them
  • Small box to put the screws and retaining rings in
  • Cold drink of your choice
1. Disconnect the damn battery, you dont want to short anything else out, now do you?

2. Alright here we go, hop into your car and remove the cup holder as shown below. I'm sure you all know how to do this, I'm just being thorough.

3. Next remove the two screws on where the cupholder used to be as shown below and take out the metal tray that held the cup holders

4. Now its time to get a little frisky with the car. First did you Disconnect the battery? If you didnt do it now, you dont want to short out any more lights, or anything else. Whenever you mess with anything electrical on your car you should disconnect the battery. Alright, back on track. Remove the plastic faceplate that surrounds the controls and then disconnect the hazard switch, shown below

5. Next unscrew these 4 screws to loosen the Heater Control Unit, this is where the magnetized screwdriver comes in handy, you dont want to lose these.

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