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So slow, needs boost.
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I can't get over how slow this Legacy L is. I know it is a wagon and the engine does have 244,000 miles on it but my 200 hp Escort doesn't struggle to climb hills as much as this Legacy does and that is when I'm towing a 2800 pound load behind the Escort.

I have to do something to make this car faster. It has to downshift to maintain 70 mph on slight hills. The engine runs quiet, has no trouble starting at all, and doesn't knock so I just can't believe it is that worn out and down on power, thought I still intend to do a compression test.

I've been thinking of a small turbo set-up, nothing that will make it a drag monster, just something that will improve low-end torque. It does shift at 6100 rpm so that isn't helping (I know about the power mod but don't want to use that on the highway) so a small turbo would work great in the operating range of this engine.

I've been kicking around some ideas to do this for under $1000. I've already got a FMIC and some pipes I can use. I have a T3 (super 60) that I can use but I'll probably sell or trade for something smaller. I have a welder so I can make my own exhaust pipes. The only things I'm concerned about are fuel and timing. I don't know how much the fuel pump is rated for, how much the injectors are rated for, and how I can pull timing without having to spend $600 on a MSD box. I already have a MSD box, but I was saving it for my 400 hp Escort build. I've thought of adding a 5th fuel injector but I'm concerned a backfire would result in unintended roasting of my nuts.

I've got the EJ22 engine with the 4EAT tranny (how much torque can that handle) and only plan to make 180 hp at the crank. That would be about a 35% increase so I would hope Subaru built these cars to take that. Advice is welcome, particularly from those that have boosted the 2nd gen EF22 with 4EAT.
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