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Just received this response from UR regarding the production agreement:

We unfortunately cannot give a definite amount as we do not have the part/s to
determine the exact size of the special part/s or if there are any special
requirements for the design (timing ring, oil seal sleeve, hardware, etc.).

The best we could do is say it should not exceed $250. Once we reach 30 commitments,
the $100 deposit will be charged (then non-refundable) and we will begin design. The
final price will be determined at completion of design before production begins. Its
at this point we will either get group consensus on final pricing or not which will
determine if the production will be made.

Our reputation alone is not worth the hassle/trouble of overcharging anyone. The
small profit we will ultimately make from this initial run of parts is so miniscule
in comparison to the negative press we would get by doing something so horrendous
its unthinkable.

So in the end changes to the document can be done and we'd have no problem doing it
but like anything else in the legal world there are a million ways to interpret
almost anything put on paper. We forced our corporate counsel to keep this agreement
to its current small size for simplicities sake in terms of consumer understanding.
Otherwise we could have gone full blown with a 25-30 page document that would have
been so bullet proof that no consumer could understand it. As it is we would need
all parties to re-sign a new document if any changes are done.

We suggest a little trust but as stated before we will ammend as requested by the
majority of the interested parties.

an AAADEM, LLC Brand

Makes sense to me. Any more questions?