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Got my car back today from the dealer. They replaced plugs, swapped coil packs and injectors and the misfire still stayed on cylinder #3.

They said my valve clearance's were good but still couldn't pinpoint what was causing the misfire.

So its come down to 2 options...

#1: I may be using bad fuel (i fill up at AMPM next to work, prob not the best idea) and the bad fuel and me pussy footing around could have caused carbon build up in the cylinder head not allowing it to close all the way and hence causing the misfire... Im doing a top end clean tomorrow and will hopefully burn out any build up over the weekend. My gut says this is a long shot, but hey! you never know lol

#2: is that I am close to burning out cylinder 3 and imma need to get it rebuilt. I can't see a car that is driven lightly and has only 126k miles could burn out a cylinder but like i said, you never know.

.... Ill keep you guys updated