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According to this thread the chirping is the beginning of the end .

However I am not sure the frequency or volume to which people who have had theirs explode heard it at .

I am in the same boat as you , everything works fine with the clutch and tranny , i just have the chirp after the car warms up that goes away with pressing the clutch .

I would hate to spend 600-700$ just to make the noise go away but I've been in my subie for a month - There is members on here that have been working with subarus longer than I've been alive probably and for that reason when they tell me to stop driving after hearing my specific noise , I'm pretty inclined to listen .

'Cause of that my tranquil tsk3 is on the way and I have a date to pull the tranny at the end of the month .

I would love to spend that money on go fast bits but they will be useless if my bearing grenades and shoots the transmission .

Your mileage may vary but better safe than sorry .

What scares me is there's people who claim they have done everything I am about to do but they still have the chirp....