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Cylinder 3 misfire
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Yes yes yes, i have searched and discovered tons of info about cylinder misfires.

My question is for the experts out there... '05 LGT is at the dealership trying to diagnose my misfire. Dealer has done everything they can without tearing the motor down to diagnose the problem i.e. swapping plugs, injectors, coil packs. Misfire stays on cylinder 3.

They performed a Leakdown test which revealed a 10% leak from cylinder 3. They now want to tear the motor down to discover why 3 keeps misfiring. Possible burnt valve they said or cylinder or i may even need a valve adjustment.

My purpose of posting this thread is to see what i should do. Should i pay to have them search for the problem or do i just drive it how it is or what? Registration is up soon and need it to get smogged as well, and it won't pass with the misfire... Thanks for the advice in advance

No power mods except catback exhaust and i drive it pretty tame ... 126,000 miles
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