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Help a newb, turbo questions.
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Hello everyone, wonderful site and I have been doing a lot of reading the past few days but can't seem to get what I am looking for so I thought I would ask. I found a (halfway) nice legacy gt going up for auction tomorrow and need a few answers to help me make a decision on purchasing it.

It's a 2005 GT with 45k~ miles, but it is missing some parts under the hood.

I know the inter-cooler is not there (obviously ) and from the research I've done so far I believe that means the BOV is missing as well.

The car seemed to run pretty good, no weird vibrations/knocks, solid idle, smooth revving etc.

My biggest concern is there is a decent amount of smoke, but I believe this is all originating from the turbo. Now keep in mind there is no intercooler and the turbo just exits into the engine bay.

Whenever I rev not only does smoke come out of the tailpipes, but it also appears to be coming out of the turbo where it would normally hook up into the intercooler.

So the question- Would a turbo with a bad oil seal smoke on both hot and cold sides of the turbo?

And the next question would be, What am I looking at spending on getting this thing running? I checked the classified and there did not appear to be to many take off turbo systems from people upgrading.

The car has an automatic so I am not really looking for upping the power too much just getting it driveable.

Thanks, Ryan
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