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97 Legacy Brighton cold start/misfire issues
 Captain Caveman
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Ive only had the car a few months, so far I've replaced the knock sensor for engine code, plugs, wires, fuel filter, timing belt and water pump for leak, and crank and cam position sensors for engine code, in that order. I'm reading a misfire in #2, scanner claiming either faulty injector or circuit, faulty fuel press regulator, or faulty fuel return line. The car has been hard to start since day one, and needs to warm up a little before giving it any gas or it tries to stall. This is my first Subaru and I'm unfamiliar with their particular quirks. Anyone have any info or ideas on how I can narrow this down? Don't have a fuel pressure gauge, nor a paddle tester for the injectors, tho based on how the car runs above 1500rpm I think the injector is probably fine. Also, if anyone can tell me where the pressure regulator is it would help, been all through the service manual online here and cant find it.

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