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My update is that my car is absolutely running smoother.

I haven't been able to test my plug cable yet to show a difference in spark because - no joke - I haven't been able to open my 2 car garage door in the past 2 weeks. This thing weights a ton and the torsion spring broke so I'd need like 3 weight lifters to raise this thing. Will have a new lightweight R 18.4 insulated door installed in about 10 days so then I can get in there and get to work. Unbelievable! lol

Anyway, I'll report my findings good or bad but from the compression chamber tests by people I know, these cables absolutely give a bigger spark that lasts longer too. I'll explain what these interesting cables are about when I can test this one. They're more than just non-resistor cables.

In my opinion, the ignition system should be designed "backwards" from normal - start with plugs, then cables, then ignition coil, then CDI/MSD, then possible modification for plasma. No sense in getting a big souped up ignition coil and cdi or msd if 95%+ of it is going to be wasted in line resistances.

Glad to see there is some interest in this subject! More to come...
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