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What happened!?
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Hi, I have a 97 Legacy GT wagon. About 2 weeks ago on a cold day I went to start my car. All winter long when I have started the car, it has died shortly after starting it, so you need to sit with your foot on the gas a little bit or else it would shut off. Well 2 weeks ago I was doing this and the car died a few times and I restarted it a couple of times. Well after the first few attempts the car sounded like it wasn't firing right. so I shut it off, restarted it and it continuted to keep doing it. So I decided to drive it home in hopes that it would go away after warming up a bit, I also has to be to work in an hour so no time to waste. The car would only go about 40... in 5th gear... at high RPM's. It's been parked since, with the exception of starting it trying to figgure out if i was something obvious that could be seen that was broken. Is it the head gasket? or some other problem? I would really like to get the car running again! Just need to know forsure whats wrong with it first. Any help would be much appreciated! thank you!
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