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Originally Posted by notthesnail View Post
Non LGTs also have smaller wheels. Your combo travels .6" farther per revolution than stock non LGT, or +.77%.

You are +1.94% over stock LGT. 70MPH on the dial should be about 71.4MPH actual.
Did over 1000kms in it yesterday in the US round trip, according to my Garmin 70MPH on the spedo was actually 72~73...
On the Canadian side, 110 KPH was about 115 on the Garmin, but I have a US spedo with the small KPH scale, harder to read accurately.

Originally Posted by rob-2 View Post
Would love to hear your long term review of the DWS. Considered getting them when I needed tires. Ex-wife rushed to get some tires and bought some cheapies that I'm chewing up.
I now have about 2500 miles on them and still very happy. Dove through a snow squall in the Adirondacks a couple of weeks back, and locally through a big storm last week.
They work very well in the snow for all season tires (but they are new), but are for sure not my Blizzaks.
On the Blizzaks I almost never kick in the ABS, but did when stopping in packed wet snow on the DWS' a few times.
They ride very smoothly compared to my old OEM 092's (in fairness they were 45 series though), but there is more noticeable sidewall flex in the corners, as I knew there would be. IMHO, the 092's had almost the same limited sidewall flex as the run-flats on my Corvette, not what I wanted on my daily driver up here on these bad roads.
I do a lot of highway driving so for me these are great smooth comfortable tires, they've transformed the car, but so far also stick well and are very good in the wet.
I am disappointed with the amount of spedo error though, difficult to stay legal in KPH's in Canada with my US spedo, you always have to think of it...
If I had to do it again I may have gone stock size, but not sure how they would ride compared to the smooth 50's?