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CLEAN EVERYTHING! The diff, transfer gears, and the case/cover. Use scotchbrite where the case will mount. Make sure you install the new bearing race back into the transfer case up in the corner and also in the tail cover with the adjusting washer. Place the center diff back into the transfer case. Install the snap ring back on transfer drive gear and install the gear back on the tail cover using the allen bolts.

Now use the liquid gasket (HONDABOND LOL) and make sure you install a nice clean bead around the case. Bolt back the 9 bolts to hold the cover to the case and the 3 bolts that hold the downpipe bracket. Punch the roll pin back in and also install the shift linkage back on. Attach the crossmember with the 2 bolts to the tranny and 6 bolts to the car. Slide the driveshaft back onto the snout and bolt on the 2 bolts for the center driveshaft mount and 4 bolts to the rear diff. Install the heat shield and bolt the downpipe back onto the turbo and exhaust. 5 bolts to the turbo and 2 spring bolts to the exhaust. Plug the 02 Sensor back in and make sure everything is tight!

Now for the Transmission Gear Oil. Use all of the Redline, Pensoil, and 1 Castrol. Now use the last Castrol until the transmission is full.

One thing to understand is Subaru updated their bearings over the years so dont get scared when you open the case up and notice that the 2 roll bearings are different. the roll bearing themselves are smaller and the bearing races are bigger but everything is a perfect fit I assure you.

I did this swap because my transmission was getting louder and louder during accel and decel in all gears. While cruising it sounded like marbles were loose in the transfer case. NOW DID THIS HELP!? Yes! The transmission is still a little loud in 1st and 2nd gear but I hope this will help prevent my 5MT from exploding until I get an upgraded gearbox.

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