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Legacy 2.5GT Center Differential Bearing Swap
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Well this is my write up for swaping all the bearing inside the transfer case. I am not really considering this a DIY because its not as detailed as it should be but it has a good base to work from if your already mechanically inclined. I am not a trained mechanic but I love getting my hands dirty whenever I get the chance so myself and others can learn from it.

I am a garage guy at heart but every opportunity I have the chance to not work on the car with 3ft of clearence I take it lol. A close friend of mine co-owns a shop nearby and he decided the best way to do this is with a lift and power tools.....I could not say no. Though you can do this with hand tools and a jack with jack stands it would probably add another 2 or 3 hours to an already 3 hour job. To start off I would get everything you would need for the job, OIL and any special tools. I decided to do the oil change so I went to O'Reilly and picked up 5 gallons of Shell Rotella 5W-40 Synthetic for $85 with two free Bosch oil filters, YAY! Also I picked up the Transmission Cocktail Gear Oil I will be using for the swap. 2 Castrol Hypoy C, 1 Pensoil Syncromesh, and 1 Redline Shockproof. I have seen great results from this mix but I will be switching to Extra-S next time.

These are the 4 Bearings you will have to purchase from Subaru, I bought everything for $175. You will also need some Hi-Temp Silicone Liquid Gasket and a T70 Bit for the transmission drain plug. When You get everything put the LGT on the lift (or Jackstands)

Ball Bearing 806230170
Radial Ball Bearing 806255010
Roll Bearing 806322080
Roll Bearing 806330120

T70 $5
Liquid Gasket $5

Remove the top mount intercooler and the turbo heat shield from the turbo. There are 5 bolts that hold the downpipe to the turbo and two spring bolts that hold the downpipe to the exhaust, you can unclip the the 02 Sensor plug and leave the sensor on the downpipe. Also remove the the heat shield as well the sits between the downpipe and driveshaft.

Drain the fluid from the transmission and then disconnect the driveshaft. Make sure you check the plug for any crazy chunks of metal and it clean it if necessary. There are two driveshaft career bolts and 4 bolts that connect the driveshaft to the rear diff. Once all of those are removed you can slide the driveshaft out of the tail snout.

Remove the Transmission Crossmember. There are 6 bolts that hold the crossmember to the car and 2 bolts that hold the crossmember to the transmission. (This would be a good time to install new whiteline crossmember bushings).

Disconnect the shifter linkage from the transmission and knock the roll pin out with a hammer and punch. (This would be a good time to install some Kartboy Shifter Bushings or if you already have them regrease them).

Remove the 3 bolts that hold the downpipe hanger off the tailshaft cover and then remove the 9 bolts that hold the cover itself. Make sure you have a pan ready to capture the remaining transmission oil that will come out.

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