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The problem I have with a hood bra is that it serves the same purpose as those thin plastic films that come on new items to keep delicate surfaces from getting scratched. However, they look terrible in the process. So basically you are using something that looks ugly because you are trying to keep it looking nice... but what the **** is the point if it looks like crap the entire time you own it?! I always have to resist the urge to rip off the clear plastic protectors on electronics in other people's homes. They curl up at the edges and get all yellowed and I'm like TAKE IT OFF, and they are like NO, I WANT IT TO STAY LOOKING LIKE NEW! The hell...

And don't say resale value, because (a) a few rock chips on the nose of the car aren't going to affect anything, and (b) enjoy the damned car and its good looks and screw the few extra dollars you'll gain on trade-in!

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