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1997 Legacy GT
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Hey all,

New to this site, but so far have really been enjoying the things ive seen.

I just bought a 1997 legacy gt for $3500. Its nice, I really like it and am in love It has the bumps and nicks you would expect from a 16 year old car, but still has a decent stance to her. Metallic green paint is stock and is rather shiny for the year imo. She came with some Stanford stickers on the glass and some other stickers on the bumper and those were the first to go. After removing stickers and washing off residue it came out nice. Dealer badge is next.

The previous owners were some doctors who worked at Stanford in Palo alto. They brought it here from Minnesota. So being from the midwest there is some rust; There are three half dollar or so sized spots on the roof that correlate with the screws on the oem roof rack. There is also a small quarter sized spot on one right wheel well, on the outer trim. And finally there is a 1/8th inch spot on the front of the car above the windshield. Luckily they are not soft or spongy at all and you cant see them at all unless you really looked hard at the roof. Another good thing is Ive through out the engine bay and I dont see any rust at all and there is minimal rust underneath the car aside from oxidizing metal. There is also rust on some of the susceptible screws here and there.

The interior is very very clean and all upholstery is 9.5/10.

As far as the engine. It has 137k miles, and was only driven 5k in the last two years, most of the time it has been in storage since 2010. It was brought to CA in 2009. The timing belt was replaced @ 102k. It has had some other services but nothing major. It runs nice, I am surprised how much you can feel this engine. My mom had a 97 outback growing up and that felt weak compared to this imo. Even my 02' ranger xlt with a v6 feels much tamer than this engine.

I am scheduled to take it in Thursday to get inspected and a price sheet quoting me on any work they might think I need. Ill go from there

I dont have a camera right now but i am going to the bay area This weekend and will pick one up on my way back from the bay. After that ill get some proper pics up as I know forums are just not the same with out the pics to go with the info.

As far as my plans for her, Id like to get the engine and transmission and suspension on top shape and then perhaps some 2005 lgt rims, a jdm grill, clean tint and a nice exhaust system, but those might have to wait till next spring...well see how addicted i get to her and that will dictate if she gets the funding

Ok cool well thanks for stopping by and checking my thread, If any members have any input or advice for me about the repairs im planning please feel free to chime in, i encourage it.

Time for some back with pics in a few days after I go down to see Warriors vs Kings ( Dlee bobblehead night!!)

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