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Originally Posted by Tooslick View Post
The Mobil 1/ESP is a very low ash, low ZDDP oil intended for the latest turbo diesels with particle filters. Due to the very low level of additives, it will not last very long in a gas engine turbo. If you're changing oil at 3000-5000 miles it will be okay, but there are better choices available from Mobil, including their 0w-40 European Formula, or 10w-40, High Mileage (HM), version of Mobil 1. The HM label is mainly advertising nonsense, but this is a good product.

In other words, M1 ESP is girly man oil because of it's lower ZDDP levels. I wouldn't exceed 3,750 miles on the oil if you drive hard, or maybe 5k if you're an easy driver. Your best bet is to do a uoa with a TBN to determine a safe interval.