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Originally Posted by Subadozer View Post
Yes it is a mystery why they installed the carrier with no filter and there was an outline for the hole cast on the glovebox back and then didn't cut the hole and make the access. Though I guess it's better they did this than install the filter without the easy access. I can't remember if there was any explanation about this earlier in this thread or not. After getting the car I drove around for a month or so before doing this upgrade and definitely noticed a difference in the amount of dust on the dash after installing the filter. Also I used a 3M furnace filter with the carbon and I think this helped in reducing the stale cigarette smoke smell from the previous owner.
Yeah, you'd think they would have gone this far, to say complete something important. Also surprised on the 05 it didn't ship with HIDs, and a bunch of other 'standard' stuff that cars made in 2000 shipped with.

Oh well. They sure made it a PITA to keep the filter changed. On my other cars it's pretty straight forward. On a 2000 TL it was 'difficult' in that you had to release 4 screws to drop the glove box. Not sure why there isn't a 'critical' list car companies have for making our lives easier....