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Higher Milage 2.5i Anything I Should Know?
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Hi guys first post on the site, hope I'm doing everything right.

But I'm looking at purchasing a 2007 2.5i Legacy with 100k miles on it.
I've done plenty of forums searching and have not been able to turn up much on the none turbo models.
So I turned to the internet, and found lots of reviews saying that as long as you take care of them these cars can last a long time.

Also the dealer, is a family friend so I trust that she won't intentionally sell me garbage, but she doesn't deal in Subaru's specifically so there is the possibility that she over looked something.

So my question to you is when I bring it home over night for a test drive what should I look and listen for.

Lastly I'm only just graduating high school and haven't had the education in cars that some people had but am very eager to learn so if you point something out please be specific.

Thanks in advance!!!
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