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here's some extra for the guys that wants an AP vs Rom.

So why should you use the Accessport vs other open source tuning options such as Romraider and ECUFLASH? The reason is simple. You get a better tune, in less time, with a company that will stand behind their product. Letís say your buddy has a laptop and buys a Tactrix cable- heís now a tuner, right? He has the software to make changes to the factory ecu and the hardware to do it but probably does not have the extensive knowledge required to properly tune your vehicle.

Letís say you let your buddy (or another tuner for that matter) flash your car. In the middle of the flash the computer bluescreens and you can no longer start your car. Who do you go to? Tactrix no longer offers their ecu recovery service. The problem with open source software is that it is occasionally buggy and developed by people in their spare time. If something breaks itís on you to fix it.

The Accessport, on the other hand, is backed by Cobb Tuning- a household name in the Subaru tuning community. If it causes an issue with your ecu Cobb is going to take care of you. The final reason is the quality of the tune.
Using the Accessport we can make changes to the mapping of the ecu in REAL TIME. This means we can change parameters with the engine running. Instead of having to datalog and guess and check we can make changes on the fly and get the job done in a much faster, safer, more repeatable manner. In addition to Cobb Accessports .