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car taken for joy ride by service tech
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so hot right now. so i go to pick my car up after an oil change at a place i trust. well, boss must've left early today.

i get in my car and it's reeking of the 'i really got after it' smell ya get when grease drips onto the downpipe from the turbo side boot. so i call the place up right after leaving and i was like 'yo, who's the short little guy that likes to drive fast?' ... (the steering wheel was in my nuts and and mirror was pointed at the damn ground when i got in) guy says.. 'oh uuuh, uhmmm, what car? what's he drive?' and i say 'my car'.

i explain that the smell that happens when you get after it. he replies 'oh well, i know someone took it for a test drive after...' i say, 'a test drive after an oil change?' ... 'yeah to make sure everything was working'. .. silence for a minute. and sounding real sheepish he says 'call tomorrow when the owner is in'. i say 'yeah i'll do that.'

end o' story. so this ******* tech is hooning my car, on a clutch that's maybe 2 months old that he doesn't know. goddamn. what would you do? demand he get fired? what sort of compensation would you be after? i dunno what to think, too hot right now...
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