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Originally Posted by snederhiser View Post
Yes a clutch will cause this. As you change into a higher gear more torque is placed on a clutch. What might not slip in first gear can exhibit a creep in higher gears
Buddy, it really won't. I drove my car with the clutch going to the brink of failure. It was at the point where any throttle input beyond 1/8th would cause it to slip, no matter what the gear. Slippage with these transmissions is VERY noticeable when it happens. The motor is not making enough torque while cruising at 70 to make it slip. Yes, it's more likely to slip in higher gear, but not by much, especially while cruising. It's most noticeable while accelerating..

Just trying to make sure everything is straight here... I mean, if it was going to slip at 70 mph in this car it wouldn't, because the car probably wouldn't even be able to get there if it was bad enough to slip by a couple of hundred RPM at that speed.