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First off I want to thank everybody for the responses. It makes me love my car more and more, the more I understand and know about my car. Thank you everyone for helping me.

So anyway, that was one thing I was planning on doing anyway, was changing the plugs, wires, and do the msd ignition. The wires on there now look new but I want to put the optimum wires and plugs in so I can get the best performance from my ignition. I'll have to look up other posts to see what everybody likes.

As far as airfilter goes, I just put in a new ebay cold air intake, so the filter is clean. I know I'll get some flack for it, but I wasn't going for hp. From what I understand, we aren't ever going to get track performance out of the cars, so I just did the cai for the intake noise. I like it and am already married soi don't care that my wife doesn't like it. It keeps her from driving it, lol.

I haven't cleaned the throttle body yet or done the fuel filter either. So I will do those along with the rubber intake hoses very soon.

As far as the clutch goes, I've replaced clutches before. I know what slipping does. Unless there are other signs of the clutch going south, it isn't slipping. It just chatter a tiny bit when its cold, but I figured that was due to the rpms not comming down fast enough.

Thank you all again. If you guys wrre all local I'd buy you all a beverage of yer choosing.