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Originally Posted by fahr_side View Post
Well, that's your opinion. From my perspective you first sidestepped all efforts at scientific discussion with regard to this product, and then went crying to the mods to close the thread when you couldn't either refute the math or shout us down. In the meantime you've had serious problems with these brakes, the single most critical safety system on the car. A bigger person might, having made a bad purchase, try to warn other members not to follow suit, but you chose to keep quiet about this even though the kit is still on sale.
Now you're attempting to quietly ditch these parts in the FS section.

I'd say I'm already showing you a lot more respect than you deserve.
There is no "quietly ditching" of the parts. We were very clear in the post that there have been problems and to buy at your own risk. Also we have not kept quiet. There is a thread on Nasioc asking if anyone else has had issues...that is where we found the one other person other than us that has had issues. We also didn't ask for the thread to be closed, the mods did that on their own. Because there are only 3 of us having issues it could be something with our setup...we really don't know.

We didn't ignore the scientific facts. We read the facts and decided to test them to see if they were better than what I was experiencing before and at first when we wrote that review they were fine. The thread was already closed by the time they stopped working properly.

Just because I haven't posted a "beware of ISC brakes" thread doesn't mean I'm trying to keep it quiet. If only 3 people out if hundreds are having a problem would you put a Beware of XYZ thread up? Knowing full well hundreds of people are successfully enjoying their purchase? Not to mention this FS thread in and of itself shows that we ended up not liking the brakes and moved on to something else.

We already sold the ISC calipers that came off my car and the guy that bought them knows full well what to expect but he wanted to try them anyway. You can throw all kinds if scientific facts around but until something is tested you wont know if it will or will not work. That is why scientists test their theories. If someone was to PM me and ask me about the ISC brakes I would tell them exactly what happened and tell them to find some other people that have them and ask the same questions and then make a decision based on that. We subscribe to a lot of different forums not just this one and I am pretty sure most people know how we feel about these brakes .

If it will make you happy I could make a post similar to this one with exactly what happened and that we sold them. If you still feel like I am purposely not telling people about my experience.

I just don't think that snide comments in a for sale thread help anyone out and should be left out. If you have an issue with us PM and tell us instead of being passive/aggressive in a FS thread.