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The D specs have a wide range of adjustability. Most people don't take advantage of this and simply set them really stiff and drive it on the street like that. I won the Tarheel Sports Car club street tire rallyx class with this suspension on a 02 2.5 RS. For rallyx, I was able to stiffen the rear to allow the car to rotate easier or soften it for additional grip at soft surface venues.

It sounds like that WRX wagon you rode in was in desperate need of trailing arm bushings, steering rack bushings, less squirmy tires, and maybe even a better alignment. I love how people throw parts on a car with little knowledge of how it will feel and what issue it will solve.

I also used the same car and suspension for track days at nearly full stiff and it performed excellent. Then you just dial it back to 1-2 turns for the drive home and it's comfy on the street.

Granted, it may suck in this application but since I already own it and I'm familiar with adjusting it for the performance I want, I'm gonna give it a shot. If it doesn't perform like I want, I will likely just order GR2's and use the stock springs.

Either way, I will be keeping the stock suspension and wheels so I can return the car to stock when I sell it some day.

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