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Urgent help needed.
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Ok guys, to the point here. In a blizzard right now and having some issues. I have went through three napa batteries in two years on my 1994 Turbo Legacy. The recent one is three weeks old. Sometimes when im driving my seatbelt alarm starts chiming and doesnt stop, even with both belts buckled, it still chimes. I go out thismorning to start the car, nothing. Dead battery. So i jump it from my gfs car, let it charge for ten mins or so, then take off to work a half mile away. By the time i get into the parking lot, all my interior lights are very dim and the abs light came on in the dash. I turned on the windshield wipers to try and clear some more snow, and boom the car died right there. Went to crank it back up and barely turned over and then nothing, just a click. Got it jumped again, let it charge with the cables still hooked up to the other vehicle. Checked the voltage with a meter, showed 13.5. Unhooked the cables, the motor raised in rpms slightly and checked the meter again, showed 12.45 volts. Drove it back home, ( all lights, heater, radio off) and pulled in the lot at my apt and shut it off. Then tried to start it back up, and it cranked over fast just like it should. What is going on?? Sorry if i rambled on, but i tried to detail everything as much as i could.
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