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Per-Gear Tuning
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While per-gear timing may not be available on LGTs, from what I know, per-gear boost tuning for many LGTs certainly is. My STi, as well as several other model ECUs, have the dormant ability for both per-gear boost as well as per-gear timing. Seems the provisions in the ECU, revealed not all that long ago, are leftovers from capabilities in JDM versions. Figures.

The thread I made on IWSTI has had but two people reply... one is LittleBlueGT. I don't expect many will undertake this, but this is to let you know it is possible. Apparently, people have yet to envision the possibilities. I can tell you this, without per-gear tuning you are missing out.

To begin per-gear tuning all one needs is an EBCS and the tuning software of choice. I use the Tactrix/Prodrive EBCS and ATR. The tuning, however, is arcane. There is virtually no direct information anywhere, with only hints here and there if you search.

I accidentally came across per-gear looking for a solution to a common, potentially destructive, result of a Stage2 tune... inadequate boost control at the uppermost limits, where the stretched OEM ability becomes inadequate. Many Subarus die on racetracks due to precisely this. Initially I bought an EBCS and a MBC, to implement "hybrid boost tuning" on my car, which would have been a solution. Along the way I was made aware there was a better solution, one where I could have safety in any gear and at any speed, PLUS more power and superior everyday performance to boot.

A short time later I had per-gear tuning, and a car with a difference in feel like it did going from stock to a good tune, only it already had a good tune. Something this rewarding to drive, that protects my valued Suby no matter the weather or driving extreme, should not remain a secret.

RomRaider has had a number of per-gear threads, and definitions that revealed pertinent tables. Some tuners have boasted about it, then kept understandably quiet. It has been incrementally revealed and has been promised in future tuning software revisions. Some esoteric tuning softwares have long embodied the ability. Per-Gear Tuning is coming, yet, at this time, there is no access for the bulk of the Community. Time to change that.

Here's that IWSTI thread I made:

Here are informative threads:

Thanks, rtbrjason, for all your help and guidance.
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