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Originally Posted by dan04103 View Post
Vb. Mod, tranny cooler with thermostat, koni struts (front springs OEM & rear king springs), whiteline sways, wl caster lca, wl roll center kit, lgt brake upgrade, and avo brackets. The vb mod is tremendous for the h6 as it shifts quickly and keep it in the sweet spot of the power band. I love driving this car now. The suspension upgrades really help with power transfer as the stock suspension is a boat. Next upgrade will be a mishimoto radiator modded for the h6.

If you want a good source of forum reading on the h6, Google liberty forums as the h6 is much more popular in other regions than the USA.
Damn, now I have never been ballsy enough to mod a transmission!! How long did it take you to do the mod?

Originally Posted by TurboLag23 View Post
Haha not the Ford F150 Raptor, the Raptor Supercharger for the H6. Boosts power to about 300 whp comfortably, and could probably push it even higher. Definitely a beastly upgrade, but pricy as hell. $7,200 for the kit, plus more money on top of that if you get upgraded headers and a tune. Although on a side note, whoever is selling a Ford Raptor with 125k on it for $40,000 needs a reality check hahahaha.

I had a 2004 Outback H6 LLBean up until May last year (it's now being driven by my brother). The engine itself is downright amazing and absolutely bulletproof, although the one in my OB was let down by the derpy 4EAT. I have heard that the 5EAT in the 2005+ ones is much improved in this respect, and can be improved further through modifications (search bar's right up there hahaha; I believe ClimberD@HexMods is the name to look for). Also, the EZ30 in the 2005-2009 Legacies is the EZ30R, which is more powerful and better all-around.

So yes, my vote is H6.
LOL guess I had a real NOOB moment there! Thank you for the information, this is making my decision a lot easier. Now I guess I need to keep my eye out for a low mileage 3.0R