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Title: Me obsess?? Nah....
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Yeah, I didn't really look at the weight numbers. I just assumed it would be heavier because of the size. But the technology doesn't really matter too much on this one I don't think. The '06 Rav4 V6 got the same gas milage as the 09 I'm comparing it to. I think it is the turbo that is eating it all up. You see that all the time when comparing turbo cars to NA cars with similar performance numbers. You sacrifice fuel economy to get the faster 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. Not that I mind. If I was looking for a fast car then fuel economy isn't necessarily on the top of the list of things I care about.

It just goes back to the basic three things you get to choose from and only get 2 of them: Fast, Cheap, and Reliable. You only get the three choices and can only have two, so what are you willing to sacrifice? I'll take Fast and Reliable any day of the week compared to what you get with the other combinations.
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