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Custom-made Sport Grill: S402 Replica Walkthrough ('05-'07 Legacy)
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I'm not longer making these right now but check out page 21 and I made a walkthrough for people to check out. Thanks and GL.

Hey guys, as updated on the last page of the thread (as of 8/4) I'm not making S402 replicas at this point. I explain things a bit there so check that out. I've got a few stock grills I'll make recessed ones from so hopefully there's enough interest there. Below is some info and pics on them.

Recessed Version:
Buy outright: $175 total
Grill trade: $120 total

Shipping is not included in pricing and has ranged from $10.75 to $13.58 going anywhere from a couple states over to across the country. These are light in weight and cheap to ship.

Thanks for the interest all.

Original Post:


For sale I've got a custom-made Legacy sport grill, crafted from a stock Subaru grill and painted matte black. This is the third grill I've made and it came out awesome. The pictures truly don't do it enough justice as it looks amazing in person.

I put a lot of time into the grill and it was done right. I soaked it in bleach for days to get all of the chrome tape off of the outer border in order to create a better surface for the primer to adhere to. This will help with paint chipping or flaking off and will promote durability. The center was gutted and voids were filled with a rock solid two part patch panel adhesive made by SEM, at $30-$40 a tube. I bondoed transitions and sanded all surfaces with sandpaper varying from 60 to 400 grit. Mesh was shaped, wrapped around the back of the grill and bonded onto the grill with the patch panel adhesive. Everything front to back was primed and sanded with the 400 grit to get a nice smooth surface. I again covered front and back in the end with "Rust-oleum Matte Finish Custom Shop" Spray paint, applied with a sprayer grip for a cleaner finish. It's a "Low profile non-reflective finish, great for racing strips, grills, spoilers, & accessories" according to the side of the can. The paint came out great and left a nice soft feel to the mesh and grill. When attaching the mesh, I ground down surfaces before applying the adhesive and I don't think I could get it off if I tried, unless I cut it with a tool.

All in all, I built this to last. I have one on my car now that I made and it's lasted 2 years now and still looks great. I also put a lot more time into my latest one. I'll include pics below.

You can add anything from a Subaru logo to the center, or a GT emblem to the side. I had a Spec.B emblem as seen in the pic and just a week ago swapped to placing a Subaru badge in the center. I'm gonna add a GT to the right of the logo soon.

I'm looking for $175 plus shipping and paypal on this. However, if you want to send me a stock grill and $120 plus shipping that would work too. If this sells and you would like one for yourself, I'd be willing to make more if you wanted to send me a stock one.

You may be able to find something cheaper on ebay, but this is going to last and coming from a fellow Legacy owner, I know what we want and like.

Shoot me a PM if you have any questions or are interested. Thanks guys.
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