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I did 3 runs today on flat ground in my Stage 1 91 +SF 05' LGT Base MT. 3rd gear Dyno pulls with the AP show ridiculous numbers. It is probably because the resolution isn't as good in a lower gear. It's attempting to do a lot of math to calculate these power numbers. When you look at a 3rd gear pull the numbers are all over the place. 4th gear number are considerably more accurate from what I can tell. I assume the AP is calculating flywheel HP because all my runs in 4th were between 277hp and 290hp Stage 1 91+SF which if you average out to 284hp is what cobb claims Stage 1 tunes give you(+14% = 285hp). (car has 60,000kms I live 100' above sea level and it is hovering around freezing today). I would say if you do a few runs in 4th from 2500-6250rpm and enter your vehicles weight +/- 50lbs and you should be =/-7hp. That would be my best guess. One run means nothing with Dynos as with science. It has to be repeatable, (which is what I tell my friend with a blown up EVO X).