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Originally Posted by DOHCEJ22E1 View Post
Turbo engines are not as reliable as N/As because they generally run hotter under more stress & use up oil faster. The issue w/cylinder #4 is that the turbo is right next to it, so the heat from the turbo is always sinks into that side of the engine, which is already hot, causing more heat to build up. The H6s do not have these kinds of problems.
Originally Posted by xt2005bonbon View Post
Actually, the cylinder closest to the turbo is cylinder #3. #4 is on the driver side closest to the driver. Mine is also messed up . Probably a burnt valve.

Sounds like one of the reasons for issues with this cylinder can be fuel supply (apparently it is the last cylinder to get fuel where it may run leaner than the rest). Then you get knock, then you go kaboom. lost ringland.. That's my understanding anyway, though it appears that it is not what I have.
Yeah these are the things I have read. Yall are confirming my instinct to go with the 3.0