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Originally Posted by pikandchute View Post
There are some quality aftermarket ones though (don't remember which off the top of my head). It really boils down to the extra cost of one of the high quality aftermarket ones vs the extra time to remove the intake manifold in order to use the OEM.
Thanks. In my case, cost almost always wins out over time. Plus, from what I've been reading, there are really no gains to be had with a better tube until the turbo is upgraded, which in my case is a long ways off.

Originally Posted by suds2250 View Post
If you are not mechanically handy, I would take it to a local shop to have the intake to the turbo replaced. Buy an aftermarket silicone intake.
It's not a problem. I can do it. But it definitely looks like a pain. It does look easier than the bmw m50 manifold, though. I was just hoping for a walk-through because sometimes there's insight from people who've done a task before. Why do you say buy an aftermarket? Is there an advantage in your opinion?

I'm still curious, is it possible for a tear there to show negative lv numbers? Wouldn't they be positive because of extra unmetered air due to that area always being under vacuum? Thanks for all your input!