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The same engines sold in other markets such as Europe and Australia still recommend 5w-30 and even 5w-40 grade oils.

One other design feature contributes to the relatively high oil consumption. The "hypereutectic", aluminum pistons have a high coefficient of thermal expansion ("CTE"). In order to achieve the correct tolerances when the engine is fully warmed up you have to size these parts to fit loosely in the cylinder bores when the engine is cold soaked. This is why you hear audible "piston slap" - even in just moderately cold weather. I strongly suspect a fair amount of the oil consumption is occurring during the warm up phase, due to the sloppy fit of the parts. Using a slightly thicker oil such as a 5w-20 should help to mitigate this source of oil consumption.

A 0w-30 will also help to reduce oil consumption. This grade tends to be less volatile than 0w-20 and it will give you a thicker oil film at the piston ring to cylinder interface in a hot engine.

I'd wait to see how your engine performs before making any changes. But trying either a 5w-20 or 0w-30 synthetic would be my first response for abnormal oil use in a vehicle that only specs 0w-20 for all ambient temp ranges.