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Progress! I'm so happy this thing is almost done, and I'm sure my mom is too lol.

These little soldiers finally came back from Washington state. Total turnaround time was 16 days door to door. Witchhunter has an option where you can pay $25 extra to "expedite" their 5 day service period (usually knocks off 2 days). There was a note with the box when it came back saying "we didn't get these out as fast as we wanted to, no expedite charge was made". That put me at ease. They seemed to do an extremely thorough job, and it looks like I may have found the cause of the original lumpy idle...

I got the rest of the motor put buck together tonight. TGV's, turbo, intake, timing components, etc. But here's where I NEED YOU HELP! This is where experience comes into play. There are two hoses that I can't find a home for, and one dampener looking deal that is without it's proper hose. Anyone know the location of these?

And here's where I left her for the night. So close to being back in it's home

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