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Just yesterday, I had the exact same problem on my 2006 2.5i (145K). Mine started sparking to a metal ground from the coil where #2 cylinder plug wire plugged into it. It threw a CEL and the code was #2 cylinder misfire. Today I disconnected the battery and tried to get the plug wire off the coil, and the sucker was basically welded on to it. I ended up destroying the plug wire and the metal part of it stayed inside the coil. I tried to pull it out with pliers, and no way it was coming out - it ended up breaking off. So I just ordered a new coil and new set of plug wires. I was looking for a DIY when I found this thread, and after reading this, it sounds like it was more likely the coil anyway, so a new coil and set of wires every 145K I guess is nothing to complain about. Anybody know of a walkthru? I'm just wondering how much junk I need to remove to get to it.