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Alright I went into work today and pinched off the 3 lines off the intake before the turbo and pressurized the system to about 5psi with soapy water sprayed around. I didn't find any leaks so I bumped it up to 12psi and then all of a sudden it was bubbles galore from the AVO TMIC to the turbo and from the IC to the wastegate.

I tried to tighten the IC to turbo but it was as tight as I felt safe tightening it so I put longer bolts in it with nuts on the back side and it still leaked. The bottom wastegate bolt was stripped an just spun in the hole so I drilled it out and put a helicoil in it and it was good and didn't leak anymore.

I ordered a mr gasket thermostat gasket for the IC and I'm going to see where that gets me. The gasket should be in Tuesday. I also read on a boost leak tester website that especially on subaru's you should always remove the oil fill cap while testing and when I did that all the air blew right out of the crank case so I put the cap back on and it pressurized fine.