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Originally Posted by 12sechatch View Post
yes, potentially, you will. At the very least, you only want to drive a couple blocks at a time.

changing the thermostat is basically just two bolts, drain the coolant, then redo the two bolts and fill with coolant. Do it NOW.

One way to tell if it is your thermostat, feel the hoses after your car is hot (not too hot for too long, dont want to do damage). The upper hose will be warm, but the lower hose will be noticeably colder. That is because the thermostat is not opening and letting the hot coolant out of the engine.
I did feel the hoses and I was noticing hot side on the big hose and cold on the small hose.
So I wont be driving today then. Tomorrow morning I will buy an oem thermostat and replace.

Just for clarification I unscrew the bolts to the thermostat elbow and the coolant will drain? and then I replace and refill? or do I need to pull a hose to drain my coolant?